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The symbol of courage and bravery - Veer Shivaji Maharaj

The symbol of courage and bravery - Veer Shivaji Maharaj
Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj

Shivaji ' s Vulour and Courage : 

        When he was only fifteenyears old , Shivaji took the outh of Swaraj in the temple of Raireshwar . He died at Raigad at the age of fifty . Within the short span of thirty - five years , Shivaji , with incompurabl established Hindavi Swaraj .
       Throughout his life he fought for Swaraj . He personally conducted and won many campaigns . His life was full of battles fought against the enemy . Swaraj was threatened on many occasions . Each time Shivaji met the threat with wise and suitable uction .
        He was not only a brave Warrior but also u great statesman . When he thought that force would prove useless , he used diplomacy . Afzulkhun was a formidable opponent . But Shivaji met him face to face and killed him . In pouring rain on a dark night he escaped from the siege of Siddi Jauhar , He put Shuistakhan to flight by a bold attack on 1 dark night . With great skill and during he escaped from Aurangzeb ' s prison ut Agru . As a general and a statesman , Shivaji is without a second .

Memorable form of Shivaji Maharaj: 

Remember Him

       Shivaji was a | torch - bearer in the dark night of slavery ; a fighter who got the better of all difficult | situations ; who slowly but surelyincreased his strength while giving light to powerful enemies ; who encouraged his comrades and fooled his opponents and , in the end , achieved his goal .
          He was a model son , a cautious leader , g skilled organizer , a benevolent administrator , d clever military strategist , a great warrior ,| u terror to the wicked , a defender of the | good , and an epoch maker .
          When one sees all these brilliant facets of his personality one cannot but say to oneself : | " Bring to memory his wonderful image and remember his great achievements . "
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